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Lebanese gastronomy since 1991

Savor the authenticity of Lebanese cuisine since 1991,
where each dish tells a story of delicious traditions and warm hospitality.

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Savor the authenticity of Lebanon with our exquisite menu, a fusion of traditional flavors and modern creations.

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Discover the perfect harmony between exquisite flavors and memorable events. Our exceptional catering service and expertise in event organization transform every occasion into an unforgettable moment.


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The Diwane, Culinary Elegance since 1991.

Since its establishment in 1991, Le Diwane, located in the heart of the Paquis district in Geneva, embodies the very essence of Lebanese culinary elegance. Managed with passion and dedication by the same family, our story is woven with timeless traditions and an unwavering pursuit of gastronomic excellence.

A Gourmet Invitation

Each dish tells a tale of passion and elegance, a sensory experience that captures the very essence of our refined cuisine.

The Radiance of the Day

Explore a new culinary creation every day with our Chef’s Special. Our chefs have a gustatory surprise reserved for you that will awaken your senses and transform your meal into a unique experience. Let yourself be enchanted by the ephemeral art of our cuisine.

Our Specialties


Chickpea purée enhanced with sesame oil, a delicate fusion of textures and flavors. The creaminess of finely mashed chickpeas meets the rich aroma of sesame oil for an elegant and harmonious taste experience.


Grilled shrimp, an explosion of grilled and succulent flavors. Each perfectly grilled shrimp provides a deliciously charged taste experience with smoky notes, an enticing option for enthusiasts of simple and grilled seafood.


Three shortbread cookies filled with walnuts, dates, and pistachios, flavored with orange blossom. An explosion of flavors and delicate textures in every bite.


Brochettes de bœuf hache, persil, oignon

Purée de pois chiches pilés à l’huile de sésame 



Trois sablés fourrés aux noix, dates et pistaches à la fleur d’oranger 

Crevettes grillées